Is Sonia Gandhi Behind Addressing Karnataka Crisis?

Fri May 19 2023 17:46:05 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The days-long debate on who gets to become the Karnataka Chief Minister finally ended in favour of the Congress. Without damage, the Congress party leadership sorted out the issue. In what could have been a possible power battle between Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, the party managed to put an end to the issue.

Earlier, we heard reports that troubleshooter DK Shiva Kumar told the party leadership that he will not settle for any post except for the Chief Minister. Many drew a comparison between the situations between Karnataka and Rajasthan. Thankfully for the party, the situation did not arise.

It is said that the leadership held different meetings with both DK Shiva Kumar and Siddaramaiah and made them understand the situation that the internal fights in the party would bring a big damage and that is what we don't want to see. These talks paid off in the end.

Now what we hear from the media reports is that Sonia Gandhi played a big role in this and made DK Shiva Kumar understand the situation. He was reportedly offered a plum post in a body that would be set up soon to focus on Parliament elections. Winning Parliament elections is key to coming to power at the Centre.

On the other hand, Sonia Gandhi reportedly told Shiva Kumar to focus on the cases against him and once he is free from them then he can think of a big post. It has to be mentioned here that earlier there were reports that seat sharing proposal was also made for two leaders.

After reportedly assuring him of the two aspects, DK Shiva Kumar was made the sole Deputy Chief Minister so that his reputation won't come down. The hard work Sonia Gandhi did made wonders for the party and the crisis ended.