Is Swargam Ravi The TRS Candidate From Huzurabad

Wed Jul 28 2021 13:14:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The name of another dark horse is emerging as a possible TRS candidate for the Huzurabad bypolls. Loyal Congressman Swargam Ravi is being propped up as the TRS candidate against BJP's Eatala Rajender. The party sources say that he can effectively take on Eatala Rajender in Huzurabad.

Ravi is a well-known leader and has served the Congress party for over 15 years. He has worked at the grassroots level in Huzurabad. He has served as the Congress Party’s organising secretary for quite some time. Another major advantage of Ravi is said to be his BC background. He belongs to the BC Padmasali community. Even L Ramana, who has recently joined the TRS from the TDP, too belongs to the same community.

Sources say that since Eatala Rajender is a BC from Mudiraj community,  Swargam Ravi, also a BC from Padmasali community, will be able to effectively fight him. In fact, the Padmasalis form the largest chunk of the BCs in Huzurabad. They have considerable presence. This would benefit the TRS, sources say. Meanwhile, Ravi had already met TRS chief and CM KCR and held discussions with him about the political situation in Huzurabad.

TRS sources said that the party had got several internal surveys done to identify the politician who can take on Eatala Rajender. Several surveys have said that Swargam Ravi is the most suitable candidate. Another favourable factor is that he has largely managed to keep his cadre intact even during the last seven years of the TRS rule. These cadres will stand by him come what may. Hence, this loyal band of voters will vote for him in addition to the TRS voters. So, he is being seen as the most likely candidate from the TRS