Is TDP forcing Jagan to abolish legislative council?

Wed Jan 22 2020 09:39:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will the stratagem of blocking the the three-capitals bill in the Legislative council boomerang on the TDP? By blocking it using the Rule 71 of the legislative practices, the TDP has clearly shown that it will create obstacles for the TDP at every step. Though it knows that it cannot do much, it has resorted to the delaying tactics.

This might only steel up CM YS Jagan's resolve to abolish the legislative council altogether.  If and when that happens, the TDP would be in for a rude shock. The way it avoided debate on the issue betray a kind of nervousness on the part of the TDP. To put the TDP in its place YS Jagan might go in for the abolition of the council itself. In fact, NTR did the same in 1983 when he found that the Congress was playing the obstructionist in the council. The council came back to life only after YSRCP came to power in 2004.  Till then, the legislature was only unicameral.

The TDP had resorted to obstructionist politics when the government tried to constitute separate commissions for the SCs and STs.  It did the same thing when the bill relating to the introduction of the English medium in government schools was brought in.  This led to delays. So, these obstructionist policies could egg on YS Jagan to abolish the council altogether.