Is TRS Falling Into BJP Trap?

Wed Nov 25 2020 12:35:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who sets the election agenda is very important. He who manages to set the agenda succeeds in driving the campaign and finally manages to lure the rivals into his trap. This time, there are serious doubts as to whether the BJP is managing to set the agenda for the GHMC elections.

Usually, the election runs on the past performance of a government or the implementation or the non implementation of the election promise. But, this time around, the election is running on the role of MIM in GHMC. The BJP leaders are laying a trap and the TRS, unfortunately seems to be walking into the trap. Instead of talking about their achievements during the last five years, the TRS leaders are talking about issues like Hindu-Muslim and India and Pakistan. Instead of talking about the local issues, the TRS is now talking about Modi, national governance and the NDA. Even Owaisi is talking about it. As a result, the BJP appears to have succeeded in making this a BJP vs the rest election.

In the last GHMC election, the TRS had said that the Congress was its main rival and the BJP tried very hard to stay relevant. The whole campaign was channelized and directed by the TRS. Political analysts are wondering why the TRS has fallen into the BJP trap and is misdirecting the campaign. The TRS is only responding to issues raised by the BJP. It is talking about surgical strikes in the Old City and traffic challans, both issues raised by the BJP. Isn't it time that the TRS course-correct itself and rework its campaign?