Is TRS jittery in Siddipet? Why is liquor flowing like water in Minister's town ahead of polls?

Thu Apr 29 2021 08:55:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the TRS jittery about the election outcome in its borough of Siddipet? The TRS has never tasted defeat from Siddipet ever since the party was formed 20 years ago. Siddipet was initially represented by KCR himself and now by none other than Harish Rao himself. Both have never tasted defeat all their lives.

But this time around, rebel trouble and a resurgent BJP seems to be bothering the TRS quite a bit. To add to its woes, most of the TRS candidates are first-timers who have little experience of electioneering. So the whole responsibility of electioneering is in the hands of Harish Rao. The desperation on the part of the TRS is clearly showing.

There are allegations that the ruling party is distributing money and liquor to woo the voters. In several places, the BJP activists have not just caught the TRS workers red-handed, but have even posted the video clips of TRS leaders with cache of liquor cartons. In many places, the BJP leaders have reached faster than the police and have ensured that the seizures have not been hushed up.

TRS candidate from Ward No 24 K Rajanarsu, TRS activist Bathula Mahesh were caught red-handed with liquor bottles meant for distribution among the voters. Liquor was also seized from the relatives of the TRS candidates in Ward No 34. Similarly, on Tuesday, TRS candidate from Ward No 42 Radhika too was caught with liquor. The candidate was also caught while distributing money to the voters.