Is This Brain Behind Nara Bhuvaneshwari's Public Appearances?

Sat Jan 18 2020 12:25:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did Nara Bhuvaneshwari, who had never come out of her home all these year, come out into the public and take an active part in the pro-Amaravati agitations and has even donated her gold ornaments for the farmers, who are agitating against the moving of the capital city from Amaravati? This question is now being hotly debated in the political circles.

Highly placed sources tell us that there is a very clever brain behind this move. They say that a person named Robin Sharma is behind this move. Robin Sharma is a fomer associate of Prashant Kishore and is now advising Chandrababu Naidu on political tactics. It is on his advice that family members of Chandrababu Naidu were roped in for the pro-Amaravati agitations. This added star power to the movement and made it a newsworthy thing. Robin Sharma is said to be brain behind the whole plan of the Amaravati stir. It is he who is planning the media coverage to these high profile visits.

There are lingering doubts that Prashant Kishore is actually helping Chandrababu Naidu. Since he had already worked for YS Jagan and the contractual provisions mandate that he cannot work for anyone else in AP, Robin Sharma has been propped up. So, PK remains neutral but Robin Sharma will work for he TDP as a separate entity.