Is This The Reason Why G Vivek Joined BJP?

Sun Aug 11 2019 10:50:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

G Vivek is a well-known dalit politician from Telangana. His father was a union minister and brother an MLA. He too was an MP from Peddapally. Of late, his political stars are on the downturn. Things have not been going the way he wanted them to be.

Finding that the TRS does not want him, he resigned from the party. He did try to go to the Congress and the TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy met him with a request to join the party. But, Vivek sees no future for the Congress. So, he has now joined the BJP. He became a member of the party in the presence of BJP national chief Amit Shah. But, those in the know say that there is a pressing reason for his hurried joining in the BJP.

Vivek's family has some prime government land with it on lease. The land has been given on lease and his family has set up a degree college, a law college and a distance learning centre on the land. What more, they constructed scores of shops on the outer periphery of the land and are drawing rents from these shops. The lease is not all set to expire and TRS chief and Chief Minister KCR now wants to take back the land. Vivek and his brother are moving heaven and earth to prevent the cancellation of the lease. So, they feel that by joining the BJP, they can protect their lands. So, he has hurriedly joined the BJP. He won't remain in the BJP one moment longer if the party fails to solve his problem.