Is This Why Bajireddy Was Made RTC Chairperson?

Fri Sep 17 2021 08:30:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is behind KCR's sudden appointment of senior politician and several-time MLA Bajireddy Govardhan as the chairperson of the Telangana Pradesh Road Transport Corporation? On Friday evening KCR suddenly announced this. Orders to this effect have already been issued. There is no question over the eligibility of Bajireddy Godavardhan to the all-important post. But was that done now?

Highly placed sources say that despite being a senior, Bajireddy was not considered for a ministerial post. The district already has Pocharam Srnivasa Reddy as the speaker, while Vemula Prashant Reddy is a minister. So Bajireddy was not given the ministry. But his name was always under consideration for some key nominated posts.

Secondly, the TRS is all set to take up an overhaul of the party's organisational structure. KTR has recently announced that the new district presidents would be announced. Secondly, several senior leaders, who are not given any important post in the party, need to be properly rehabilitated. Only then can KCR undertake the tour of the district. Party insiders say that unless the leaders are given key nominated or party posts, they would not really enthused by KCR's visit. This also will pump up the party cadre.

Sources say that KCR is also planning to fill other nominated posts at the earliest to breathe some enthusiasm into the party.  A resurgent Congress and a powerful BJP can spell doom for the TRS. Hence the party has decided to suitably rehabilitate all its key leaders. Bajireddy got the post because of these calculations, sources say.