Is Vaccine Getting Ready For Covid-19?

Mon Mar 30 2020 14:01:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

The global pandemic Covid-19 is turning out to be ugly which left more than 185 people affected and more than two lakh infected with the fatal virus. Many countries have been struggling to find a vaccine for the virus.

Many countries have been under lockdown to see that the virus is not spread further. Earlier US President declared that they will come up with a vaccine for the deadly virus. For this, they have joined hands with a German drugmaker too.

While so much is happening around the globe related to the Covid-19 virus originated from the Wuhan Province of China, some of the media reports stated that a group of scientists were a step ahead in founding a vaccine with an accuracy rate of 96.5-99.9% which is quite impressive.

If we have anything to take from the media reports, the dragon country is allegedly developing nanomaterial as a weapon to fight the deadly virus. This nanomaterial is believed to fight the virus with the utmost efficiency.