Is Vizianagaram Slipping Out Of TDP Hands?

Sun Sep 29 2019 10:18:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Once Vizianagaram was considered a TDP citadel. It was impregnable and the party had always put up its best show. But, not any longer. The party is suffering a massive exodus and leader and after leader is ditching the party. A large number of them are going to the YSRCP and this would mean that when the local body elections are held, the TDP would suffer a total washout.

Many leaders are leaving because there appears to be no future for the party. The party had lost all the nine MLA seats and one MP seat in the district. All the royal families like the Gajapathis, Bobbili, Satrucharla and Bhanjdeo and others have bitten dust. Ever since the election defeat, all the four royal families have fallen silent. There is no political activity from their side. Due to this, the second and third level party leaders and workers are thoroughly demoralised. They are now looking to join the YSRCP. TDP city president Dr VS Prasad has already resigned from the party and many of his supporters are likely to follow suit. The party today has no leader worth the salt.

On the other hand, the YSRCP is going ballistic. It is trying to get in touch with the TDP leaders and is luring them into the YSRCP. Many locally influential leaders have already begun talking to the YSRCP leadership to join the party.