Is YSRCP luring the Kamma entrepreneurs?

Mon Oct 11 2021 20:08:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the YSRCP begun the process of wooing Kamma leaders? Is it making an effort to draw Kamma entrepreneurs into the YSRCP fold? Why did Kodali Nani, the Kamma face in the YSRCP, organize a meeting of Kamma community leaders recently and try to assure them that the YSRCP was not anti-Kamma?

It appears that there is a race to lure the Kammas in the political circles. Recently Pawan Kalyan has spoken about the Kammas and said that the Jana Sena would protect their interests. He also talked about Kapu-Kamma unity. At the same time, the TDP, which is believed to be driven by the Kamma community, has lost its sheen. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen from the community have already deserted the TDP in the neighbouring Telangana.

Sources say that a significant section of the entrepreneurs from the community are beginning to have doubts about the TDP’s ability to come back to power in AP. Given this situation, they need support from the state government and this can be assured only by the YSRCP, which is in power in AP. Hence Nani has taken the lead to organize a meeting of the entrepreneurs from the community.

Nani held this meeting in Gudivada and is said to have taken suggestions from all sections of the community. He reportedly assured that their interests would be protected by the YSJagan Mohan Reddy government. He is said to have given a detailed account of what the government had done for the community.