Is minister Jagadeesh Reddy out of danger?

Tue Jun 15 2021 16:54:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

It appears the TRS top brasses have forgiven Minister Jagadeesh Reddy. He too had organized a meeting of dissident MLAs like Eatala Rajender. His meeting was in Bengaluru, where some MLAs had opened up against TRS leadership, especially KTR. The clips of the meeting fell into the hands of KTR and KCR. Since then, everyone felt that his days in TRS and as a minister were numbered.

But, J agadeesh Reddy has clearly bounced back. He has somehow managed to convince KCR and KTR that he was not going to rebel against the party like Eatala. KCR asked him to take on Eatala on the day when he joined BJP. That the top boss chose him to attack Eatala itself is a proof that there would be no action against him. On Tuesday, KTR visited Suryapet to unveil the statue of Col Santosh Babu, who died in the Galwan clashes last year. This gave another opportunity to Jagadeesh Reddy to get closer to KCR. So, for the present, Jagadeesh Reddy appears to be in the safe zone.

Jagadeesh Reddy and Eatala come from the same Leftist background and both were underground workers for a brief period. Rasamayi Balkishan, another MLA who is known to speak his mind out, too is from a similar background. Many feel that the Pink Panther might strike on these leader some time later and not immediately.