Is this MLA on KCR's Radar?

Wed Jun 09 2021 13:00:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Future seems to be uncertain for Manakondur MLA Rasamayi Balkishan. Reported disclosure that he was part of the gang of TRS MLAs, who attended minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy's son's birthday celebrations have put him in a spot. He is now said to be finding himself on the radar of the TRS boss for his indiscretion.

Rasamayi was reportedly among those who attended Jagadeeshwar Reddy's Do in Bengaluru. During the party, Rasamayi is said to have sung a song sarcastically telling how would Telangana look if KTR is made the CM. The song was highly critical of KTR and has passed several snide remarks about KCR too. In fact, Rasamayi has always been rebellious. When Eatala made his now famous remarks about being the original owner of the TRS flag, Rasamayi Balkishan was among the first MLAs to meet Eatala and extend his support. Since then, he has been on KCR's target. Now with the Bengaluru song, he stands fully exposed.

Rasamayi too had come from the Naxal background like Eatala and Jagadeeshwar Reddy. Interestingly, all the three are now in KCR's hit list. It remains to be seen what will befall on Rasamayi and how he would handle it.