Is this the BJP's three-fold strategy for Andhra Pradesh?

Wed Nov 23 2022 12:03:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the BJP is all set to play a triple game in Andhra Pradesh. The party is said to be working with a three-fold game for the 2024 elections. Its plan seems to be to finish off the Opposition TDP and strengthen the Jana Sena. In the process, it will try to strengthen itself.

The BJP game plan is to further weaken the TDP. If the TDP gets defeated in 2024, the party will quickly disintegrate. Chandrababu Naidu, who is well past 70, will walk into the sunset and the party will not have an effective leader to step into his shoes. When that happens, the BJP-Jana Sena combine can occupy the opposition space and thus take on  Jagan.

During his recent visit to Vizag, Modi is said to have explained the party's three-fold strategy to Jana SEna chief Pawan Kalyan. As per this plan, the first step is to weaken the TDP by cutting off its financial sources and ensure that the TDP fights the 2024 elections alone. The second plan is to strengthen the Jana Sena.

According to the plan, the ruling YSRCP will target the Jana Sena and thus raise its political importance. Thus, it will also help in projecting the Jana Sena as a real threat to the YSRCP. Part three of the strategy is to strengthen the BJP in the state by taking up agitations and firming up the organisation  This way, the Jana Sena-BJP  team will emerge as the only alternative to the YSRCP and thus could reap the maximum benefit in 2029.

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