Is This Top BJP Leader Looking At Bleak Future?

Fri May 22 2020 12:04:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

A prominent BJP leader, who till recently was the darling of Modi-Shah, is now facing trouble within the party. This person climbed up the party echelons and proved himself to be a master operator. He managed party victories in North East and in Jammu Kashmir. He is known to have organized overseas meetings of Modi with aplomb. But, these days, he is finding all alone.

Suddenly, Modi-Shah combine have stopped calling him to the key meets. Though there have been several elections in the recent past, he has not been made incharge of any of these. Even otherwise, he is not incharge of the party organization in any of the states in the country. His prestigious think-tank, which used to command huge respect across the globe, is no longer getting funds from BJP-ruled states. His foreign tours too have been curtailed. So, this man literally no work these days. On the day when Modi asked the people to light lamps in support of the Covid fighters, he was found to be in an ashram down south.

Last heard. This BJP biggie is now asking his friends and relatives to hold zoom meetings and make him the chief speaker. Not just that, he is trying to write one article a day and wants the newspapers to publish them. The media houses are unable to oblige him every time he sends a write-up.