Is This Why BJP Is Targeting Gandhi-Nehru Family?

Thu Jul 09 2020 11:06:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why has the BJP government constituted a special ministerial committee to coordinate and monitor the probe into the violations by three trusts flouted by the Sonia Gandhi family? Though history has shown that such hounding has never proved politically effective, the BJP chose to investigate into the violations of IT, PMLA and FCRA rules.

Sources say that the BJP wants to use this probe not to wreck vengeance but to weaken the Congress Party's fight against the BJP. The aim is not to put Sonia, Rahul and others behind the bars, but to keep them embroiled in court proceedings and prison terms. This will harm their image and a perception would be built against the Gandhi-Nehru-Vadra  family. The three trusts are Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and Indira Gandhi memorial trust. By 2024 elections, the reputation of the Congress leadership would be completely damaged and all senior leaders would be facing one court case or the other. Most leaders would be above 70 years of age and would lack the will to fight back.

Unfortunately for the Congress, there is no credible second line of leadership. Several second rung leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia have already joined the BJP. So, the Congress would be bled to death by the continuous and constant attack on its finances, leadership and the back-up institutions. This is the real game plan of the BJP, according to highly placed sources in Delhi.