Is this why KCR lifted lockdown so urgently?

Sun Jun 20 2021 12:31:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did the Telangana government lift the lockdown so suddenly? Why did it not opt for a phase-wise lockdown? Why did it lift the lockdown with immediate effect? Why was the lockdown lifted despite fears of an impending third wave? These are the questions that are troubling political watchers and health experts alike.

Those in the know say that there could be two major reasons for this sudden decision. Experts say that Telangana is still facing Corona scare and the cases are being reported even now. Yet, KCR wanted to lift the lockdown as he wanted to go into the public, hold meetings and rallies. He reportedly feels that this alone will weaken the Eatala wave. All surveys and studies show that Eatala has the people's sympathy and if elections are held immediately, he would win hands down. Similarly,  there are also indications that this could spread to other parts of the state. To stem the tide, he has to go into the public and begin a massive outreach. If Covid restrictions are in place, he cannot do it. Hence the lockdown was lifted so urgently.

Secondly, KCR wants finances for running the government. A lockdown means no income for the state government. With bypolls to Huzurabad coming soon, the government needs to ensure that all the welfare schemes are in place. For this, it needs revenue income. This could be another reason for lifting the lockdown so urgently, say analysts.