Issues Between Revanth Reddy And Jagga Reddy Resolved Finally?

Fri Dec 02 2022 19:33:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The trend of internal fighting among Congress leaders is not over and it is continuing. The Telangana wing of Congress is a classic example of internal fights among the leaders. The senior leaders almost waged a war against firebrand leader Revanth Reddy after he was made the chief of the Telangana wing of the party.

A few leaders openly said they are not happy with the decision. MLA Jagga Reddy is one of the leaders who often fight with Revanth. Recently, he said Revanth Reddy should consider the opinions of party leaders.

Now Jagga Reddy surprised everyone by giving a fun touch to his fight with Revanth Reddy. The MLA said that there is nothing serious about the fight between them and their fight is like a daughter-in-law's fight and it happens casually.

Jagga Reddy even said that he will support Revanth Reddy on his Padayatra and said that he will not speak about Revanth Reddy until the next Assembly elections.

The interesting scenes happened in the Assembly premises when Jagga Reddy and Revanth Reddy met. They shook hands and even posed for pictures. When the media asked about their equations, Jagga Reddy said he and Revanth fight often and resolve their issues.

The senior leaders won't support Reventh Reddy is the complaint we hear often. With Jagga Reddy announcing that he will support Revanth's Padayatra and not talk about him anymore, we can expect that issues between the two Reddys would be resolved.

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