It Might Take 2.5 Years To Produce A Vaccine For Pandemic

Fri Jul 03 2020 12:38:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic spreading its deadly wings across the globe, special envoy to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. David Nabarro's statements raised many fears and concerns.

Dr. David who recently gave an interview to a nation TV said, it will take around 2.5 years to come up with a potential vaccine to cure the dreaded virus. The envoy said the potential vaccine should also be produced at a huge level.

He went on to say that, as of now there is no cure for the respiratory disease and if any claims of a vaccine, they should produce the evidence for their claims.

Talking about the various developments in regard to the potential vaccine to cure the virus, he said we don't have any substantial evidence to prove that a patient who got infected with the disease gets completely immune to contract the virus again.

The Envoy also raised his questions on the safety factor of the proposed vaccines from various pharma companies. He added that the vaccines should assure, no adverse reactions take place.