It's Kavitha vs Satyavathi in Manukota

Mon May 31 2021 08:29:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting political turf war is on in Manukota in the undivided Warangal district these days. The TRS is fighting with itself. Two major factions of the TRS are fighting it out in a battle for supremacy. The first group is led by Minister Satyavathi Rathod, MLA Shankar Naik and ZP chief Bindu. The second group is led by former minister Redya Naik and his daughter Maloth Kavitha.

That the two groups are not even on talking terms was evident in the last ZP meeting, where the minister and Kavitha did not even greet each other. Senior leader Redya Naik stayed away from the meeting. The problem began with Minister Satyavathi Rathod trying to increase her influence beyond Dornakal. This is being fiercely opposed by Redya and his daughter. Sources believe that Redya wants to promote his son Ravichandra in politics and wants him to contest from Dornakal. This is causing friction between both Satyavathi and Redya. He is said to be influencing the party leaders and sarpanches not to attend any programme of Satyavathi Rathod. Of late, Rathod has mended fences with MLA Shankar Naik and is trying to put down Redya and his daughter Kavitha.

As a result of these political game of one-upmanship, the party cadre is facing lot of problems. They are caught in the crosshairs of these two major factions. Sources say Chief Minister KCR is aware of the political crisis in Mahabubabad area and is planning to take corrective action.