It's Kesineni Nani vs everyone in Vijayawada TDP

Wed Jul 14 2021 11:04:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

A raging internal fight is seriously threatening the Vijayawada Telugu Desam Party these days. MP Kesineni Nani's bulldozing ways are now being seen as a major problem. The issue has come to a head when as many as six of the 15 corporators skipped the meeting organised by Kesineni Nani on Monday.

The meeting was organised to discuss storm water scenario in Vijayawada city. But, the corporators, considered close to Bonda Uma and Buddha Venkanna, have chosen not to attend the meet. The situation within the TDP had worsened during the time of the recent civic body polls. The problems began when Kesineni Nani unilaterally announced that his daughter Shweta would be the Mayoral candidate. Though this was resented by the other factions, they did not go public. But, now Nani is taking his daughter to Tiruvuru, Nandigama and Jaggaiahpeta assembly constituencies. Not only has he not informed the local party leaders, but he even tried to project his daughter as the future leader.

The detractors are arguing that while there is no problem with Nani touring the areas as he is the MP, his daughter has no local standi. She is a mere corporator, they point out. Meanwhile Bonda Uma, Buddha Venkanna, Nagul Meera and Kommareddy Pattabhi reportedly held a secret meeting in the city on how to tackle Shweta. In another development, MLA Gadde Rammohan too is conducting low-profile tours across the Lok Sabha constituency. Sources say former minister Devineni Umamaheshwara Rao too is helping the anti-Kesineni faction.

If the same trend continues, the party would suffer heavily, TDP sympathisers feel. They argue that it is time that Chandrababu Naidu take immediate steps to address the internal conflict.