It's Ravu Padma Vs Rakesh Reddy In Warangal

Sun Jun 06 2021 17:38:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young BJP leader Rakesh Reddy's recent birthday celebrations have set off a furious political debate in Warangal district. Reddy is well-known as a BJP spokeperson and is known for his spirited defence of the party's policies. He is also known for providing inputs to former state president K Laxman and the present state chief Bandi Sanjay.

Recently, he celebrated his birthday on a large scale despite covid restrictions. Several banners and flexi boards were erected all over Warangal. While there is nothing wrong in it, one party leader's image wasn't there on these posters and flexis. District BJP president Ravu Padma's photograh was not present on these banners. Padma's close camp follower Ganta Ravi and several others made a huge issue of this. Sources say that for a long time, the relations between Rakesh Reddy and Ravu Padma are strained. Padma has been opposing him as he was flaunting his closeness to Bandi Sanjay. She had also complained about Rakesh Reddy ignoring her.

The but the real reason for the friction is Rakesh Reddy's attempts to contest from West Warangal in the 2023 assembly elections. Ravu Padma wants to contest from this place. This has emerged as the main cause of the discord between the two leaders. Padma's supporters say that Reddy belongs to Vardhannapet and should contest from there and not from West Warangal, which is being nurtured by Ravu Padma.