Its Time India Should See Khalistan Movement As a Threat!

Mon Mar 20 2023 18:22:47 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Khalistan movement a Sikh separatist movement which was widely prevalent in the 80s and 90s is again spreading its wings. The supporters and leaders of the movement are getting momentum yet again. The strength of the movement reached a point where a body issued a warning to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Now the Khalistan supporters disrespected India by removing the Tricolour From London High Commission. The Commission swung into action and replaced the Khalistan flag with the Indian flag. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs took a strong objection to this and asked for a response from the United Kingdom.

It's high time we should see the Khalistan movement as a big threat to the nation. Not just in India, but in other nations as well the movement is getting movement. The likes of Canada, the UK, and others are seeing such protests.

On top of repeated attacks, the UK is somehow not taking strict action against the Khalistan movement and its supporters. Khalistan supporters earlier held a protest in the UK. When asked about this, London said that they are doing a peaceful movement and they cannot stop it.

The protest is going out of hand and the temples are attacked in the United Kingdom. Now the fight turned even more intense and the protests reached the High Commission premises. Many say that the incident would have not happened if the security there was tight.