It's 'Waste' Godavati for TDP

Mon May 31 2021 08:23:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Once, it was the citadel of the TDP. No matter what the political situation was, this district stood solidly behind the TDP. But, now all that seems  to be a thing of past. The TDP is passing through the worst crisis ever in West Godavari district.  There is total demoralization among the cadre and utter silence on the part of the leaders.

Out of the 15 MLA seats, the TDP could win just two. Of them, only one is actively involved in party programmes. The other one is quite inactive. In West Godavari, the party has Nimmala Rama Naidu from Palacole and Mantena Ramaraju from Undi. While Ramaraju is completely inactive, only Nimmala is active. He is holding protests and is hitting the streets, but he doesn't carry much weight in the party.

There are two former ministers – Pithani Satyanarayana and KS Jawahar. Both the ministers are quite inactive. They are making their presence felt only during some party programmes. For the past year or so, there is no major programme from the party and these two leaders are in total hibernation. Firebrand leader Chintamaneni Prabhakar is bogged down by the plethora of cases filed against him. He too is not venturing out. Another leader of substance is Maganti Babu. But, he too appears busy with family affairs and businesses. He has not come out to take part in any programme of late.

The resounding victories of the ruling YSRCP in the local body polls seems to have a deafening impact on the opposition TDP. Even when it was out of power earlier, it could survive and sustain. It fought elections and managed to keep its cadres in tact. But, this time around, the situation appears different. The cadre is slipping out of hands and the party leadership is doing nothing to stem the tide.