It's been 2 years, but there's no TDP incharge for this constituency

Thu Sep 16 2021 17:39:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu Naidu has begum the task of party’s organisational revamp in a big way. He has started the process of appointing Lok Sabha and assembly constituency incharges in the party. But there is one assembly constituency for which he has not appointed an incharge in the last two years. For the last couple of years, there is no incharge for the party in this constituency. Sources say internecine squabbles between various factions in the constituency is the reason why Chandrababu is not deciding on the constituency incharge.

The constituency is Sattenapalli in Guntur district. After Kodela Sivaprasad’s sad demise, Chandrababu has not appointed anyone as the incharge  of the constituency. The party is divided into three factions in this constituency. One faction is led by former MLA GV Anjaneyulu. The second is led by the young leader from the Rayapati family. The third is led by Kodela Sivaprasad’s son Kodela Sivaramakrishna.

The problem is Kodela’s son Sivaram is quite unpopular. When his father was the speaker, Sivaram resorted to high-handed behavious. He was accused of collecting what was derisively called the K Tax from party leaders, workers, builders and contractors.  He was also taking home office furniture and was once arrested in connection with such cases. Kodela Sivaram says he is a changed man and that he should be given another chance to work for the party.

But there is a strident opposition to Sivaram from the constituency itself. Many want the post of constituency incharge to any person other than Sivaram. They argue that Sivaram’s misdeeds were primarily responsible for the defeat of Kodela Sivaprasad in the 2019 elections.

The other two factions too are trying their best to get the post. Chandrababu and Lokesh seem to be in no hurry to appoint an incharge for Sattenapalli. They are weighing the options and are taking their own time to appoint the leader.  But the delay is costing the party dearly. The party leaders feel that Chandrababu Naidu should take a decision.