It's raining money in Huzurabad

Thu Jul 22 2021 18:41:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's raining money in Huzurabad these days. Thanks to the upcoming bypolls, scheme after scheme is being launched in Huzurabad. The Dalit Bandhu scheme under which selected Dalit families will get Rs 10 lakh will be implemented in Huzurabad.  Same way, the sheep rearing scheme of the government too would be launched in the constituency.

The Dalit Bandhu scheme would be launched on a pilot in Huzurabad itself. The reason is simple. Huzurabad has over 40000 SC votes. This scheme will help luring SC voters towards the TRS. Interestingly, the scheme's total outlay is Rs 40000 crore, which would be spent in five years. However, Rs 2000 has been allocated for Huzurabad and this would be implemented immediately.

Similarly, Rs 6000 crore is being allocated for the Phase ii of the sheep distribution scheme, which is mainly targeting the Kurumas and Yadavas. Both these are dominant BC castes in Huzurabad. This is being used to target the dominant BC communities, which otherwise would stand with Eatala Rajender.

Already a total of Rs 660 crore have been sanctioned for Huzurabad under various schemes. Of these, Rs 360 crore have already been released. Of these, Rs 310 crore have been given to Maneru River Front scheme, Rs 35 crore for Huzurabad town roads and Rs 30 crore for Huzurabad municipality development. The government is also planning to bring down the age limit of Aasara pensions to 57 years. Unofficial estimates say that both the major contenders – the TRS and the BJP could spend up to Rs 400 crore for this bypoll. So, it's literally raining money in Huzurabad.