I Will Be With Jana Sena Till..!: JD Lakshminarayana

Sat Aug 10 2019 21:39:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rumours of rift between Pawan Kalyan and Lakshminaryana were circulated as the former CBI JD wasn't part of any of the new committees of Jana Sena Party. There were speculations that Jana Senani isn't happy with Lakshminarayana conducting programmes on behalf of JD Foundation instead of the party.

Finally, Lakshminarayana decided to end all the rumours in circulation: 'I am surprised & shocked about Rumours being floated since morning about me'. He quoted a saying, 'Rumors are carried by Haters, Spread by Fools and accepted by Idiots'. And then, JD asked those behind the false reports to choose which category they belong to.

Lakshminarayana declared he will be with Jana Sena till it's Party President Pawan Kalyan feels that he is useful to the party. He appealed haters not to waste their time on such rumours but use it for helping the flood-affected people, planting saplings, clearing areas of plastic and motivating youth.

Clarification from Lakshminarayana was a huge relief for Jana Sainiks who were worried ever since the rumours surfaced. This Former IPS is the crucial member in Jana Sena Party and will remain so.