Why Exit Polls? Have Patience: Lakshminarayana

Mon May 20 2019 19:55:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jana Sena Leader VV Lakshminarayana opined that Organisations which are coming up with Exit Polls will have to prove their credibility by predicting the results accurately. He didn't even mind saying it's not right to release Exit Polls.

VV Lakshminarayana: 'Exit Polls are one of its kind. Patience levels of people has dropped so much so that they are worried about what would happen. But, We don't have any such tensions. We are happily doing our work. These unnecessary Exit Polls are make public tense. If people have patience, The actual result will be out within 3 days. Whether if we win or lose, Our Party would continue to focus on people's issues. Victory or Defeat...it's just an incidental thing. We wish to work for the welfare of the public. That is why there is no impact of Exit Polls on Jana Sena'.

Can Lakshminarayana assure that all the cases filed by CBI during his tenure as Joint Director had fetched good results? If CBI can't offer any such assurance, How could Media or Survey Agencies maintain 100 percent accuracy?

Majority Exit Polls have predicted no impact of Jana Sena Party in 2019 Elections. Some of them even ruled out victory of Pawan Kalyan either in Gajuwaka or Bhimavaram. This could be why Jana Sena Leaders are behaving as if they don't bother about Exit Polls.