CBN - A Villain Conducting 420 Deeksha!

Sun Apr 15 2018 12:41:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jaganmohan Reddy slammed AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for getting ready to conduct a day-long fast on April 20th. 'Chandrababu will conduct day-long fast on April 20th…on his birthday. April - 4th Month, Date - 20th...This 420 will conduct deeksha instead of making his party MPs resign,' fumed the Opposition Leader.

YCP Chief: "Chandrababu showed a live cinema named as 'Brahmaravathi...O Rajadhani...O Avinithi Katha'. Throughout the film, you could only see Best Villain & his Gang. The day when the atrocities will come to an end would certainly arrive. If Hero enters the scene, Villain would end up going behind the bars. Babu stays in Vijayawada but he hardly focusses on addressing issues. Though he doesn't develop anything, Corruption happens everywhere under his rule. Not even a single flyover was constructed in Amaravati. Durga Temple flyover is yet to be completed. YSR had constructed flyover covering 19 km within three years in the airport route in Hyderabad. Babu failed to construct a single flyover but he talks about development of US".

Yuva Neta told Chandrababu Naidu have the habit of claiming he is gonna transform AP completely whenever he visits a foreign country. 'Naidu talks about Bullet Train after visiting Japan, He says Microsoft will be brought to AP after touring US. He promises to make Amaravati into Singapore and Japan. Whoever questions him will be branded as the forces against AP Capital,' he said.