Jagan Govt Planning Stiff Treatment for Angry Employees?

Thu May 12 2022 16:33:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Looks like the employees have to fight hard for their salaries in Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, we have seen teachers and other employees hitting the roads to get their salaries. Despite the Andhra Pradesh government announcing the PRC scale after an intense protest, the major issues were not addressed yet.

Taking a cue from them, the Electricity Department employees are believed to have decided to start an intense fight to get their salaries. The JAC had reportedly written to the Chief Minister demanding the salaries. Saying that the employees and pensioners are yet to get their dues, the body sent the letter.'

Having raised their voice against their dues, they reported warned that they would take part in Denial of assistance if their demands are not met. As a counter-reaction, the Andhra Pradesh government had reportedly announced ESMA (Essential Services Maintenance Act) to stop the employees from doing strikes.

To see that the employees won't do strikes in the near future too, ESMA is likely to be extended. As ESMA restricts employees from doing any kind of protest, the electricity department employees will not be able to hit the roads to do strike.

Many people feel that the Andhra Pradesh government wants to fear the employees and stop them from doing the strikes. Once ESMA gets into effect, the protest planned by the employees will be seen as illegal and the government can either suspend or take any action against them.

As the financial status of the state is doing not well, the government is finding it difficult to deal with the finances. Hence the employees and pensioners across the departments are not getting salaries and other benefits on time. The same issues were reportedly extended to the electricity department as well.

With the employees fighting for their salaries, the government is supposed to address the issue. Rather than doing that, the government wants the employees to not raise their voices. For that, the government is using the strong weapon of ESMA ACT. The employees might show their anger against YCP as they did with the Telugu Desam Party in the 2019 polls.