Jagan Targets Chandrababu In Assembly

Mon Dec 16 2019 18:22:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Winter sessions of the AP Assembly witnessed a heated debate between CM Jagan and former CM Chandrababu Naidu. Speaking in the house, Jagan talked about special commissions for S.C and S.T. Jagan said that Naidu speaks lies all the time and he has mastered the art of telling lies.

Jagan became furious with TDP leaders for creating a disturbance while he is talking in the house. "Do we need a leader like Chandrababu..? He is not eligible to be like an opposition leader also. TDP leaders are behaving like buffoons while we are tabling a historic bill in the house. They are trying to stop the S.C and S.T bill. My every decision will benefit the poor," he said.  

"National S.C, S.T Commission was established in 1992. Naidu is claiming that he started that commission. He started a commission in 2003 just for elections. Chandrababu spoke about Dalits in a demeaning way many times. Naidu even said will anyone think to be born in Dalit Community. Didn't the Minister in Naidu's cabinet try to undermine Dalits? Dalits faced injustice in the plot allotments in Amaravati. For the sake of votes, he will do anything. He even backstabbed his Father-in-law NTR," he observed.

"We will bring two commissions for S.C and S.Ts. We have given 60 percent posts for SC, ST, and BCs in our cabinet. Five candidates were given Deputy CM posts. A Dalit woman was appointed as Home Minister. Naidu did not give even a single post for Dalit candidates. We gave One lakh eighty thousand jobs in just four months. It's no wrong even if we suspend TDP leaders from the house," he added.