Jagan Warned His MLAs?

Sat Oct 26 2019 15:44:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

It has been reported that Jagan has warned his cabinet ministers for using their recommendations for givings jobs to their candidates. Not only that he has removed the posts that were given to recommended candidates.

Many power shift operators were dismissed in Nellore District as they were given based on recommendations. Throughout the state, 541 Junior Line Men(JLM) was appointed in Substations. However, 110 shift operators were appointed as JLM grade 2 posts.

These posts were given to the candidates recommended by the MLAs and this sparked a huge controversy.

The aspirant candidates were shocked by this decision of appointing recommended candidates. CM Jagan was serious on this issue and ordered that all the candidates appointed with recommendations should be dismissed.

He has also ordered the officials that the selection process of these posts should be transparent. This news has given good hope to the aspiring candidates.

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