Jagan for 75-km-long Metro rail project in Vizag

Tue May 10 2022 12:14:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Though the three-capital project is in jeopardy, AP Chief Minister YS Jagan's interest in Vizag has not dimmed one bit. He still is giving top priority to the investment and development projects in and around Vizag. He is conducting review meetings with the top officials to expedite the projects in the Vizag city area.

The other day, he reviewed the progress of works in Vizag and ordered that proposals for setting up the metro rail project in Vizag be expedited. He said that the metro project would be 75 km long and would help ease the traffic problems in the city of destiny. He also asked the officials to put forward proposals for the design of the coaches of the metro rail immediately.  He also wanted the officials to submit the details of the proposed facilities and amenities at the metro rail stations.

YS Jagan has been showing active interest in the development of Vizag city. He wanted the officials to give special importance to environment friendly and non-polluting roads and other amenities in Vizag as well as other states.  He wanted pot-hole free roads in all cities, including Vizag city.

In fact, YS Jagan has proposed Vizag as the administrative capital of the state. While Amaravati would be the legislative capital, Kurnool city was chosen as the judicial capital. However, the latest Court verdict has proved to be a dampener for the YS Jagan Government. Though it is going to be some time for the new 3-capitals bill to be presented in the assembly, his interest in Vizag, it appears, has not waned a bit.