Jagan gains in short term, but loses in the long run

Fri Jul 16 2021 18:51:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

A serious debate has begun among the irrigation experts and the government officials as to whether AP CM YS Jagan did the right thing by taking the water dispute with the Telangana government to the Centre. Experts feel that while Telangana's wanton aggression could be contained, it could also make AP lose all its bargaining power.

Experts feel that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government's request for the central intervention was a wrong move. Actually, Jagan was over enthusiastic in taking the issue to the notice of the Central Government. Both the states could have sat across the table and could  have sorted out the disputes. But, YS Jagan has written several letters to the Centre and even approached the courts for legal remedies.  Now, the Centre has issued a notification announcing that it was taking control of the major and medium irrigation projects in both the Telugu states with effect from October 14.

Experts say that this decision may be temporarily against Telangana's interests, but in the long run the AP too would lose its bargaining power. The AP too will have to forfeit its control over operation and maintenance of the major and medium irrigation projects in the state. All its ongoing and existing projects would be affected. Now, both the states will have to literally beg the Central Government for release of water for hydel or irrigation needs. Complete control will pass into the hands of the Krishna and Godavari river management boards, which will be run by officials.

One major drawback for AP is that it can no longer call for tenders for the construction of any project. This will now become the prerogative of the Central government. The question now is whether Jagan has gained or lost by his actions.