Jagan's mind games leave government employees confused

Wed Jan 26 2022 18:51:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Jagan Government, it appears, is playing mind games with the government employees, who are on warpath over the issue of PRC and the HRA. The government has refused to give salaries for this month on the basis of the old PRC. He is adamant that the salaries for this month would be given only as per the new PRC.

The idea is if the employees accept the new PRC as the basis for this month's salaries, the employees would lose an important lever. The discussions would now be focused on the new PRC. The government employees are not inclined to accept this. The treasury employees have categorically said that they would not process the salaries as per the old PRC. This only means that there would be no salaries this month due to the stand-off.

Even otherwise, the AP government has for long stopped paying the salaries on the first date of every month. Citing the dire financial position of the state, the salaries were being paid very late. In some cases, the salaries were paid after 15th date of the month.

Due to the standoff between the government and the employees, the salaries may not be given as per schedule. As a result, the resolve of the employees in pursuing the strike would be considerably weakened. The Government feels that the government employees do not get the salaries, their agitation would not last beyond a week. It remains to be seen how the employees and pensioners will face this challenge.