Jagan's withdrawal of 3-capital bill: A win-win tactic for YSRCP

Mon Nov 22 2021 18:09:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has YS Jagan lost his case on Amaravati issue? By withdrawing the three-capital bill, has he lost the case? Has he admitted his defeat? Not quite. Sources in the know say that in one stroke, YS Jagan has turned all the cases filed by the TDP and the TDP-sponsored farmers and rendered the agitations totally useless.

It is now clear that YS Jagan's decision to withdraw the three-capital bill is only tactical. He has not abandoned the three-capital idea. He has also not said that the decision was a wrong one. He has withdrawn the bill only to escape the legal wrangles.

It is by now clear that Jagan only wants to avoid legal wrangles. He is planning to come out with a bill that is legally foolproof. Using this time, he also wants to build up public support for the three-capital idea in both North Andhra and Rayalaseema. This will make the TDP much weaker in these regions. Several TDP leaders may openly come out in support of Vizag and Kurnool and thus desert Chandrababu Naidu. Thus this would be a deadly blow to the TDP.

In addition, he would be in a position to weaken the growing bonds between the BJP and the TDP. Of late the BJP too has joined the Amaravati padayatra. Now the yatra would become redundant and the BJP and TDP would again drift apart. So, it is actually a win-win for Jagan.