Jagan's Masterstoke Puts TDP, BJP, Jana Sena On The Mat!!

Mon Jan 27 2020 12:36:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Is decision to abolish the legislative council a political masterstroke by AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy? Is he going to hit two birds in one stroke? Those in the know of things say that Jagan is aiming to hit both the Opposition Telugu Desam Party and the BJP-Jana Sena combine at the same time. In fact, he has already put the BJP-Jana Sena linkup in trouble by seeking the abolition of the council.

Normally, the council can be abolished only by the Parliament, but based on the advice of the State Assembly. Once the state assembly okays YS Jagan's proposal, which it will anyway due to the massive majority that Jagan enjoys in the Assembly, the bill goes to Parliament, which will have to either support or reject it. So, the ball will be in the BJP court, which has the required majority in Parliament and literally no alibis. The party central leadership has already said that it has no opinion of its own on the issue and added that where the capital should be is the prerogative of the State Government. Now, the BJP has to walk the talk and stay neural on the capital issue.

But, will the BJP able to stay neutral on the issue given Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan's open support to Amaravati? Pawan has time and again said that he would staunchly oppose any move to shift the capital out of Amaravati. Will the BJP oblige him or will it back the YSRCP, which has been repeatedly bailing it out in the Rajya Sabha where the BJP does not have the required numbers? Will the Jana Sena continue its alliance with the BJP if the latter backs Jagan's move. These are key questions now before the BJP.

Thus Jagan has put both the TDP, the Jana Sena and the BJP in a spot of bother.  It remains to be seen how will things pan out and who will have the last laugh.