Jai Bhim Director To Tell Story Of Owner Of Iconic Hotel Chain

Tue Jul 26 2022 12:05:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The southern states have a peculiar cuisine that people from other regions also love it. The popular food chains operating outside the southern states and country played a big role in making the southern cuisine see an increase in popularity. The Chennai-based restaurant chain Saravana Bhavan made wonders in this.

It has been running successfully for over four decades from now and its founder P. Rajagopal worked hard in creating a brand for Saravana Bhavan and in Tamil Nadu, it is one of the iconic spots for the foodies.

Now we will get to know about the life story of Saravana Bhavan's founder Rajagopal as life story on his life was announced recently. The film was titled Dosa King and Jai Bhim director TJ Gnanavel will direct the upcoming film. Dosa King marks the Bollywood debut of TJ Gnanavel.

Besides the success story of Rajagopal, we will get to see the dark side of the hotel founder. He is believed to have a strong belief in astrology and others. When an astrologer allegedly advised him to marry one Jeevajothi, daughter of one of his employees, he tried his best.

He became blind in astrology and he thought of marrying Jeevajothi by hook or crook. He did not even care what the woman is thinking. Despite the woman saying that she is married and she can't leave her husband for him, the hotel owner did not listen and tried to pressurise her. He even threatened her and her family allegedly.

Rajagopal's blind belief took him to an extreme level and he decided to take the life of Jeevajothi's husband Prince Santhakumar. Despite failing once, Rajagopal did not leave this matter. In 2001, he implemented his plan and Prince Santhakumar was found dead. His family moved the court against the founder of the Saravana Bhavan chain of restaurants. A lower court slapped him and others with a jail term of ten years.

Later, the case was taken to the Madras High Court. The High Court changed the verdict given by the sessions court and awarded a life sentence to the founder of the iconic hotel chain. Jeevajothi Santhakumar, who lost her husband did not leave the case and fought against him. The court slapping him with a sentence is her victory over him and we get to see that on the screen. Like Jai Bhim, Dosa King would also have some intense cour room scenes.