Jana Sena Suffers Humiliation, Loses Recognition Of CEC

Sat Sep 25 2021 19:05:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Humiliation is complete for Jana Sena chief and film actor Pawan Kalyan. His party has lost its recognised party status. Thus it will have to contest as an unrecognised party. This means its candidates cannot have a common symbol. This also means that glass symbol will no longer be the exclusive preserve of the party.

This is because Pawan's party failed to get the required number of votes in the 2019 assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Hence, it has been de-recognised. But the biggest issue is with respect to the Telugu Desam. The TDP has been recognised as a regional party only. Despite contesting from more than four states, the party failed to get the required number of votes. So it's claims to being a national party have been quashed.

One important feature of the latest notification of the Central Election Commission on the status of the parties is that it recognised even parties with their office address in Hyderabad as regional parties in AP. The MIM despite contesting from several states, has not been able to get the required number of votes and hence has been designated a regional party.

According to the latest notification 57 parties in 27 states have been recognised as regional parties. There are as many as 2796 unrecognised parties. The CEC also recognised 197 free symbols for the election. There are eight national parties in the country, according to the CEC.