Jana Sena feels BJP is playing a double-game

Wed Sep 21 2022 10:32:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Patience is running thin in the Jana Sena over what it feels is the BJP's double-game. The rank and file of the Jana Sena feel that the BJP has mastered the art of running with the hare and hunting with the hound. It is in alliance with the Jana Sena on one hand and on the other, it is friendly with the YSRCP. Several Jana Sena cadres and even leaders feel that it is self-defeating for the Jana Sena to ally with the BJP as it is helping arch rival YSRCP.

Many Jana Sena leaders feel that an alliance with the BJP will only help the latter. The BJP will increase its vote percentage at the expense of Jana Sena, the party leaders feel. The rank and file of Jana Sena feels that the party would stand to gain if it enters into an electoral alliance with the Telugu Desam Party in the 2024 elections.

At the grassroot level, many Jana Sena workers are cooperating with the TDP. In fact, both the parties have come together to defeat the YSRCP in some places for the ZPTC and MPTC elections. They feel that the BJP is actually helping the YSRCP and this duplicity will hit the Jana Sena. They feel that the Jana Sena should contest alone or at least in association with the TDP.

As of now, party chief Pawan Kalyan is totally silent on this issue. He is said to have told some close confidants that the BJP would give the route map for the 2024 elections and that the party would work as per the route map. This is said to be causing disquiet in the rank and file of the Jana Sena. They went the party chief to adopt a no-nonsense approach towards the BJP, which they feel is playing a double-game.

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