Jana Sena slams fake news on Pawan Kalyan's fast

Tue Nov 05 2019 13:02:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

The emergence of Social Media has simplified the process of reaching the news to the targeted audience. Social media has reached a level that it became very hard to differentiate fake news from original news.

Most of the Celebrities use social media to be connected with their fans and followers. Now it's very easy to spread rumors and fake news with the help of social media.

Actor-turned-Politician, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has become the victim of fake news now. A fake press note in the name of Pawan Kalyan become viral on Social Media and created a sensation in political circles.

The alleged press note sent by media in-charge of Jana Sena, P Hari Prasad, informed that Pawan Kalyan, who observed a march in Visakhapatnam in support of construction workers, would observe a fast till death if the AP government fails to provide financial assistance and ex gratia to the workers who committed suicide in the next two weeks.

The press note added that party chief will be available at the party office on November 16 and observe fast unto death on November 19 at 9 am. In the press note, he also requested all his party leaders and workers to gather support from all the sections of people.

Jana Sena party responded quickly on this and described the press note as 'fake news' and requested party workers not to believe such news.

'Some people are deliberately fabricating such statements to malign Pawan Kalyan and mislead the people. There is a big conspiracy behind such fake news,' said the party.