Janasenani PK Says He Cannot Aspire To Be Sr.NTR!

Sun Feb 16 2020 20:01:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Janasenani Pawan Kalyan has been vocal about his party failure in 2019 elections. He did not try to blame any internal politics or voters for his loss.

Again, he reiterated same at Repalle Constituency, Guntur. He conducted a party meeting and spoke to his cadre there.

He asked them to not loose hope and work hard for the party ideals as he set this political party, Janasena with long term goals and vision.

He said that not everyone can aspire to be Sr. NTR, who could get into power within the 9 months of its establishment. He also said the the situation of politics in then Andhra Pradesh state helped him but he is not blinded by that achievement.

He said that he can digest the failure as he is expecting people to eventually support him after working hard for their acceptance.

Well, political parties do survive on strong cadre support than just ideologies. Even if people like an ideology, it is the work done by cadre that leads to ultimate victory of a party.

Hope, Pawan Kalyan starts taking steps in building a cadre like that than who try to say speak on social media and scold people for their failures!