Jewelry Store Owned By India Robbed In New Jersey!

Tue Nov 29 2022 13:03:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Things are not going well for Indians living in the land of opportunities, America. From racist slurs to attacks they are being targeted by robbers. Not just that shops and establishments owned by Indians are also subjected to attack. Recently we heard stories about how Indian women wearing gold were targeted and attacked.

Now a spine-chilling robbery was reported in the United States’s New Jersey City. The jewelry store is owned by an Indian reportedly and it is named Sara Jewelry. Robbers created a ruckus inside the store and robbed costly ornaments and cash from there.

It is said that the passers-by took pictures and videos in which the suspects can be seen barging into the jeweler's store and taking as many ornaments as they can. They also took some cash with them as part of the robbery act.

There are a few doubts about the robbery as it appears like the suspects gave a lot of planning into the act. They used two different vehicles for the act, one for dropping and one for pick up.

The robbery act created a ruckus inside the store as there were broken glasses all over the shop. While taking the ornaments out of the closets the glasses were broken which got spread on the floor. The door was also broken as per the reports.

Though the case created a sensation in New Jersey and the United States, there is no clarity on the value of the jewelry that was stolen. There is also no clarity on how much money was stolen by the robbers.

Based on the CCTV footage and the videos shot by the passersby, the concerned police officers are investigating the matter to nab the suspects in the case. The local media said that the doors of the shop and the cases in which the ornaments were placed were also damaged.

The United States enjoys a good amount of Indian population as Indians prefer America for better population be it education or employment. The craze among Indians for the United States is so big that the waiting period for US visa appointments is more than one year.

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