"Joe Biden Bad For India", Donald Trump's Son Says

Mon Oct 19 2020 13:26:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Donald Trump Jr, who is leading the re-election campaign of his 74-year-old father, has said that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is not good for India as he could be soft on China.

While speaking at an event to celebrate the success of his book organised exclusively for the Indian American community, Trump Jr lashed out on Biden by referring the latest allegations of corruption against the Biden family revealed by The New York Post.

He also said his father and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have an incredible bond and that both the nations can fight the threat of socialism and communism across the world.

"I think they understand that these two big democracies are fighting together against communism and socialism spreading across the world I love that they have a powerful relationship that will benefit the world," he added.