Joe Biden Finds Fault With Trump's 'filthy' Comments On India.

Sun Oct 25 2020 16:26:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former United States Vice President and Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden lashed out at US President Donald Trump over his controversial comments on India.

Referring to global air quality, Donald Trump accused three countries, China, Russia, and India of not taking care of the air quality and called the air quality in these nations 'filthy'.

In his final face-off with Donald Trump at the Presidential debate, Joe Biden lashed out for making such statements.

Joe Biden said that's not the way how to talk about friends it is not the way to solve the global challenges.

President Donald Trump, who will for the elections for the second term, defended his decision to quit the Paris accord, by holding the air quality in other nations responsible for climate change.

The opposition Congress took potshots at Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the controversial remarks of Modi's 'friend' Donald Trump.