Joint collector inspects vegetable market in poor man's garb

Wed Apr 01 2020 16:43:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

When a lungi clad, turban wearing villager with a huge Tilak came to the vegetable market, everyone, including the vegetable sellers, thought he was just some other ruralite. The man enquired about the prices of vegetables in the market. He found that the vendors were over pricing and were demanding more from the buyers than was mandated.

He was not a commoner but is Kishore Kumar, the joint collector of Vizianagaram. He made enquiries first hand by going in the garb of a commoner and found out the prices at which the vegetables were being sold. In view of the Corona lockdown, the vendors were trying to fleece the commoners and there were several complaints about over pricing. So, the joint collector went in cognito and conducted an inspection.

Later, he held a meeting with the civil supplies officials and devised ways and means to rein in the prices. It was only when the review meeting became public knowledge that the vendors realised that the man who enquired about the prices was none other than the joint collector.