Jolt To TDP In Nellore 11 Candidates Withdraw

Thu Nov 11 2021 10:15:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP, which is trying to put up a respectable fight against the ruling YSRCP, was rudely jolted when 11 of the 54 candidates put up by the party for the Nellore Municipal Corporation elections, withdrew their nominations by Wednesday evening.. This has left the TDP with just 43 candidates in the fray.

Sources say one of the biggest reasons for the withdrawal of candidates was that the party was not financially supporting these candidates. These candidates have reportedly told the party leadership that they do not have the financial muscle to contest elections. With no concrete assurance from the top leadership, they chose to withdraw from the contest.

TDP sources alleged that these candidates withdrew from the contest due to the intimidation by Minister Anil Yadav. The minister threatened the candidates with dire consequences if they contested the election, the TDP alleged. The party said that the minister was bringing pressure on other candidates too to opt out of the contest.

However, there is all round demoralisation in the TDP ranks. The election campaign will come to an end by Saturday. The candidates are unable to meet the voters due to the heavy rains that have soaked Nellore to bones. At the same time, the party is not in a position to provide financial support to its candidates. Sources reveal that some more candidates will stop campaigning and remain silent if the TDP leadership did not provide financial muscle to the candidates.