Jubilee Hills Police Arrest Rave Party Organiser

Fri Jan 17 2020 19:12:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Hyderabad police have arrested the rave party organiser Prasad, who organised a party on 13 January.

The police arrested Prasad, organiser of the rave party on 13 January and the other two persons were taken into custody the Pub owner and the manager were still absconding.

Prasad, the pub owner and the manager gone absconding when the police raided the pub, rescued 21 women who were performing obscene dances. The women were given counselling and later they were released. The women said that they were brought to Hyderabad to perform the event.

The DCP said that 21 girls were caught by the police at the Jubliee Hills rave party and they identified the twenty-one girls were victims, there is no evidence that they were directly involved in the case. The women were given counselling and they were released.