Justice Kanagaraj's appointment Challenged yet again!

Tue Sep 07 2021 19:08:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh Government had earlier brought a new ordinance to appoint retired Madras High Court Judge V Kanagaraj as the SEC of the State. However, his appointment was challenged in the Supreme Court and the ordinance was canceled in the end by the Apex Court.

Later, Kanagaraj was appointed as the chairman of Andhra Pradesh state police complaints authority by the Andhra Pradesh government as he could not complete his tenure as the SEC. However, his appointment was again questioned in Court. A petition in this regard was filed at the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

One P Kishore, a resident of Amaravati, a lawyer by profession has moved Andhra Pradesh against the appointment of Kanagaraj saying that the decision won't stand any technicality. The petition was filed on Tuesday.

In the petition that was filed against the appointment, the petitioner said that the appointment goes against the judgement issued by the Supreme Court earlier. The sensational petition is likely to come up for hearing in a couple of days.

Citing that the Andhra Pradesh government had canceled the appointment going by the verdict given by the High Court, the lawyer said, appointing Kanagaraj as the chairman of Andhra Pradesh state police complaints authority is nothing but illegal, he sought directives from the High Court to strike down the appointment.