Cj NV Ramana offers to recuse from Krishna water dispute between T and AP

Mon Aug 02 2021 17:22:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Supreme Court chief justice NV Ramana has virtually indicated that he wished to opt out of the Krishna River water dispute. He told the advocates of both the Telugu states that he belonged to both the states and thus cannot adjudicate legally on the issue.  He also suggested that both states amicably solve the dispute with the help of the mediator.

He said that he cannot adjudicate in the matter as he belonged to both the states. He offered to send the case to another bench.  AP counsel Dushyant Dave said that his government did not want to put people against people. He cited the recent example of the border dispute between Assam and Mizoram. He said that the Telangana government was not following the directions of the Krishna River Management Board and the provisions of the AP reorganisation act.

He submitted the daily water level reports to show how Telangana illegally generated power from the Srisailam dam by depleting the water levels in the dam. He said this was against the agreed conventions. He said Telangana’s actions have depleted the water levels in Pulichintala and Nagarjunasagar also.

The bench has kept the matter posted for Wednesday.

The Andhra Pradesh petition said the fundamental rights of the people of Andhra Pradesh were seriously jeopardised .The fundamental rights include the right to life as the people were deprived of water said the AP counsel.  The AP counsel said this was both illegal and unjust.

The petitioner has  urged the Supreme Court to direct the Central government  to take control of Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar and also Pulichintala reservoirs, their outlets as they are common reservoirs. AP has also asked the Centre to operate these common reservoirs as per the rules.